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Kickstarter order

Received the fountain after backing on Kickstarter. Very happy with it; good quality, nice features and quiet.

Best fountain hands down!

Finally I found a water fountain that can survive our naughty cat. Thanks to the design with clasps to hold the top, he can’t knock it open like multiple different models I tried before. Not only that, apparently our cat is addicted to it, drinking tons of water more than before with stationary water bowl, and whoever knows anything about cats knows kidney issues is a big problem, now addressed thanks to elfin fountain. I’ll buy more as soon as stock is available. Thanks Elfin! 😻

Matt B
Simply the Best!

As one of the original backers of the Elfin fountain (I purchased two), I would like to share how much I appreciate and enjoy this over the many other versions I’ve purchased over the years. First, it is so much easier to clean. So much so that I do not procrastinate and am consistently cleaning once a week. It’s a snap without the pump and takes a fraction of the time as before. Second, the fountains are very quiet and my cats seem love the auto-on when they approach the fountain. One cat is mesmerized by this feature and sometimes takes to playing with it. It’s very cute.

Do not hesitate to buy this fountain. It’s a fantastic product and I highly recommend! I’m looking to buy a third once they have caught up on demand.